Prophet Muhammad SAW In the Bible

The Islamic Prophet is referenced in the Holy Bible of Christians.

Absolute first Question – Why is He referenced in the Bible?

As indicated by Islamic Beliefs, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.A.W. is the best Beloved of God, the best from all manifestations. God Created Universe and everything for Him and gave Him may over all world. In the event that you stick to Him, you stick to a rope which won’t ever snap. On the off chance that you deny Him, you are violator who consumes in damnation for consistently and everlastingly for example forever. He is distant from everyone else more delightful than any remaining manifestations.

God adored Him more than everything, God made Him the ruler, all things considered. All creatures incorporate all Prophets. All Prophets depicted Him including Jesus (PBUH). Yet, later their sacred writings were undermined by specific Humans enlivened by Devil (Never take a gander at Christianity for Devil, Islam has an extremely familiar and more extensive idea of Devil, on the off chance that you counsel Christianity for fallen angel, it will be babble for skeptics). Still you can discover a few Predictions of Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.A.W. in the old sacred texts, for example, Bible, Vedas and so forth As the Quran states:

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