Tamil Nadu Temple Tour

Tamil Nadu is located in the Southernmost corner of India. It would not be wrong to say it ‘Land of Temples’, as there are more than 30,000 temples in this state. Every temple has been built meticulously and is an architectural wonder in itself. One can see the legacy of ancient Dravidian architectural style in these temples, which are great attractions for every visitor to Tamil Nadu. In the ancient days, these temples were centers of social gathering and education, apart from a place of worship.

Famous Temples of Tamil Nadu

Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

Meenakshi Temple is one of the beautiful and largest temple complexes among Indian temples. It is dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi and located in Madurai. This temple is a marvel of architecture and spreads over an area of 6 hectares. It has been built in ancient Dravidian style, which has 12 Gopurams (gateways), which are 45 meters in height.

Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

It is counted among the most sacred temples in India. It is believed that no pilgrimage is over without paying a visit to Rameshwaram Temple after the holy city, Varanasi. The temple is located in Rameshwaram island, which also have some other beautiful temples. Construction of the temple was started in 12th century in Dravidian architecture. There is a huge hallway in this temple, which is 1,220 meters in length.

Brihadeswara Temple, Thanjavur

Brihadeswara temple is located in Thanjavur. Main attraction of the temple is a huge stature of Nandi, which measures 6 meters in length and 3.7 meters in height. Nandi Statue has been made out of single rock and weighs about 25 tonnes. Brihadesware temple has stunted Gopuram and soaring Vimana. It is an example of brilliant architectural techniques.


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