How a Simple Toy Like the Mighty Beanz Series Can Help With Child Development

As adults we will certainly look at a toy like the Mighty Beanz Series as simple, however, toys like this one, is much more than just a simple toy. In the process of collecting and playing with these types of toys go a long way in helping with child development.

Collecting has been around forever. It’s safe to save that each and every one of us has had some form of collection when we were kids and perhaps some still do! Each of us likes to save “something,” and children are no different. For kids however, collecting items like the Mighty Beanz Series can be multifaceted and can benefit your child in many different ways:

1. Fun – Instead of sitting in front of the television, your child may get more fun and enjoyment out of adding to their already growing collection, organizing and determining what their collection is missing.

2. Educational – Through their collecting and sharing with other kids they not only learn different things about the item they happen to be collecting, but it teaches children communication skills, the concept of sharing and fair play.

To a young child collecting things like the Mighty Beanz, stuffed animals, barbie dolls, or trading cards is a great way for them to become independent and provides them with a common ground when it comes to socializing.

When your child collects something they become an expert. I learned this quite quickly when my nephew explained to me what each Mighty Beanz meant. I had no real idea what he was talking about, but I do know that he was very specific in telling me what each meant and actually seemed to get a kick out of the fact that he knew more than I did on the subject! That feeling encourages a child to learn more so that they can carry on being the authority with respect to that topic.

You might not have to encourage your child to start some form of a collection. They may already be involved in some form or fashion. Collecting cards like the Yu-Gi-Oh Cards. Geared more towards older kids, these cards lead them through a mystical world where each card again is significant with its own abilities and powers.

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