Magickal Oils of Indonesian Shamanism Part 2

Minyak Istanbul albeit worn as a standard aroma among the teachers of Islam, is likewise utilized by shamans as an intense oil for the motivations behind sentiment, sexual fascination, and mystique. At the point when enabled with one’s very own energies and thought-structure, anybody inside the scope of the aroma would glance toward us, yet feel pulled in and want to associate with us. The other gender would discover us wonderful or attractive. Unadulterated Istanbul oil is difficult to acquire, the majority of what is sold through commercial centers have been weakened and mixed with different oils.

The oil might be sanctified with the accompanying mantra to pull in a particular individual:


“Ingsun matek ajiku sibayang-bayang rasa

“Aji minyak istanbul sing kramat pengasihan

“Siapa lihat dia terpikat dan turut terpikat

“Siang kharisma nabi Yusuf as ada di wajahku

“Allahuma ya Allah” 7x

“Ya Muhammad” 3x

“Inkanat ila syaihatan wahidatan fa idzahum Jamiul ladaina muhdhorun” 7x

“Sing aku pantek si (the name of the individual one wishes to draw in) datang padaku haqqul yakin.”

Minyak Sinyong-Nyong

Among the many miracle oils of the Dayaks is (Si)- Nyong-nyong. This minyak begins with the Iban clan. It is an uncommon mysterious love oil utilized by the locals of Kalimantan generally for keeping one’s mate loyal, in spite of the fact that it is additionally applied in different undertakings identified with the heart by the two people.

It is said that men who are influenced by the impact of this oil could never submit infidelity, despite the fact that under blasted by the most out of control allurement that the more pleasant sex may direct to them. In the occasion a man were to surrender to the wiles and enchantment of a seductress, he would find himself losing his sexual power and would be not able to play out the intercourse ritual. Interestingly, albeit inept with regards to different ladies, the body would work typically while satisfying sexual obligations towards one’s legal spouse.

Nyong-nyong is made through a complex ceremonial cycle that is left well enough alone by the makers of this oil. It is normally made during the natal day of the mysteriously amazing top of the clan. As per sources, on this uncommon day, captivated jugs are hung necessarily on a specific banyan tree animal groups for seven days and evenings, at which point the containers are mysteriously loaded up with a thick liquid, and this is known as Nyong-nyong. The ceremony isn’t generally effective which represents its extraordinariness.

Nyong-nyong might be applied from various perspectives, one route is to have it ingested by the clueless subject. A few drops in the subject’s beverage is sufficient to make him reject the methodologies of different ladies. The effect of the oil may just keep going for a little while or months, during which time the sorcerer would rehash the cycle to keep up the norm.

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