All About Finding the Right Golf Shoes

One of the important pieces of golf equipment is the golf shoe. The golf shoe helps you keep your feel anchored on the ground so you don’t slip during your swing.

You will notice out on the market today a few different types of shoes. First there is the golf sandal this is the newest type of shoe for golf. There are many golfers like the lightweight feel of this type of shoe. Wearing this type of shoe is very comfortable and the sandal is breathable and has spikes on the bottom like typical golf shoes. Only drawback is you can only really wear these shoes if the weather is really nice and the grass isn’t too wet.

Next there is the classic golf shoe. This is the most common type of golf shoe. These shoes are the all around best choice for golfing due to the water resistance, cool styles and comfort. These shoes can vary in terms of comfort so it’s best to try on many brands to see which one is going to be the most comfortable especially if you’re a walker. All golf shoes these days now have soft spikes due to the course rules.

The most uncommon type of shoe is the golf boot. The boot offers extra waterproof protection and extra warmth for the die hards that golf when it’s cool outside.

The most common material used for golf footwear is leather. Leather works the best cause it makes the shoe stretch free, form fitting and waterproof. Most of these shoes are of pretty decent quality and most manufactures will back their shoes with a 1-2 year warranty. Linings within the shoe also vary. Some linings within the shoe are waterproof which is also called Gore-Tex. The other type of shoe lining is the polyester. Polyester is less expensive then the gore-tex lining and the lining is spread throughout the inner shoe. This is what protects the shell of the shoe.

In terms of the bottom of golf shoes there are spikes. Really in current times you have plastic spikes. Back in the day you had metal spikes but it was deemed too damaging to the course so now we have plastic. Another benefit of plastic spikes is that they can be swapped out once they become worn or you want something different.

Never underestimate the importance of the golf shoe. Look at many different types of shoes and try them on. Keep simple points like comfort, waterproofing and most of all comfort when looking at shoes.

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