Four Reasons Why You Need to See the Arab Games Exhibition

Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) is organizing the Arab Games Exhibition, which will open to the public from October 5th – December 23rd, 2011, at the QMA Gallery in Katara. The exhibit coincides with Arab Games Doha 2011 – the 12th version of the Arab Games, which will be held in Qatar from December 9th – 23rd, 2011. In this article, Como we will explain why we think this exhibit will be a success and will attract many visitors.

First, demonstrating a chronological narrative of the Games, the exhibition will feature items from the games, including medals, posters, programs, films and interviews of athletes, photographs, and educational activities that inform visitors about the history of the Games, which first took place in Alexandria, Egypt, back in 1953. This content will be helpful for students as well as journalists interested in the history of Arab sports in general.

Second, the exhibition serves as a unique display which walks visitors through the history of one of the region’s most anticipated sporting and cultural celebrations. The exhibition is divided into five sections, each portraying different periods of the Arab Games since their inception in 1947. The first section showcases the political agenda behind the concept of the Games. This was followed by an era of Egyptian regional leadership. Then, a period of decline affected the consistency of the Games from 1965 to 1985 because of political turmoil in several Arab countries. A re-organization of the Arab Games with a new vision later started to emerge, eventually leading to the transformation of the games into a world-class stage for Arab athletes to perform. Again, this would be interesting for journalists, students and historians as well.

Third, this exhibition sheds light on the participation and achievements of Qatari athletes in past Arab Games, showcasing some of their trophies, medals, and pictures. Alongside the exhibition, a series of educational activities catering to school children from various age groups are also planned during the exhibition period.

Fourth, and with preparations on track at the Arab Games Organizing Committee, Qatar is ready to welcome the rest of the Arab world for a spectacular series of sporting and cultural events that celebrate the shared traditions of all Arab communities. Therefore, the exhibit is designed to educate visitors from Qatar and its Arab neighbors about the history and evolution of the Games.



Pros And Cons Of Online Debt Management Services

There are online debt management services that you can turn to when you are seeking debt relief solutions. You will find that there are advantages and disadvantages associated with online debt management solutions. Understanding the  IT Support Provider pros and cons of such services will make it easier for you to decide if online debt relief solutions are the perfect solution for you.

Some of the prime advantages you will discover in association with online debt management services include the expedient and rapid reduction of your existing and eligible debts. You may be able to lower your debts as low as fifty percent of the original debts you have accrued. Another distinct advantage of utilizing such services is identified in the fact that within a 12 to 36 month time, you will have resolved many, if not all of your debts. Further, you will also find that such services sometimes provide you with super fast ways of consolidating all of the debts that you presently have. Finally, there are online services that include debt counseling guidance; this guidance can ready you for the future and help you remain financially stable.

These services can sometimes have distinct disadvantages too; for example, if you are settling debts via online debt management services, not all of your debts may be eligible for the program and some of the debts that you have may not be settled for less than what you owe now. If you don’t find a good company to work with, you can end up losing out on your money too. Further, these programs are not swift; you have to be willing to work with the company for an extended period of time. If you find a company that delivers poor customer service or that proves unresponsive to your needs, you can end up having a great deal of difficulty working your way through the program being offered to you.

Online access to debt management services is clearly convenient; you can hire on a company from the comfort of home and work with a representative via online access. You can supply your personal information via encrypted and secure methods, and you can get your program established in a relatively short time span.


Make Money Using PayPal

It’s quite easy to make money using PayPal. There are a number of different ways you can go about making money using PayPal. The quickest and easiest way would be to sell stuff on eBay. eBay actually own PayPal and started PayPal so eBay customers would have a safe and easy way to pay for products when using there auction site.

To make money using PayPal all you need is an e-mail address. You could get a free Hotmail account or yahoo account. Once you have your e-mail address you then need to go to and sign up for a free account. If you intend to set up a business it would be better for you to add your business name in the e-mail account you set up with Hotmail or yahoo.

If your business was called “The Business” Make sure you setup your e-mail address as Also set up a business account in PayPal and be sure to use your business name. Now you’re all set to make money  TheBusinessDaily. using PayPal. The next thing you need to do is think of ways to get money into your new PayPal account.

Like I said earlier you can now go and set up an eBay account. Try and make your eBay username the same as your business name because people will see this when they make a purchase from you. Once you have your eBay and PayPal account setup you can then get you first sale buy selling any unwanted goods from around your home.

This is an excellent way to start and I know people that use eBay to make a very good living. You can earn £10,000 per month if you have the right product and buy at the right price. But before we get carried away with eBay there are other ways to make money using PayPal.

You can start your own information publishing business. Instead of using eBay to make sales you can use your own mini websites to sell information products that you can get for free and sell for massive profits.

You can make money using PayPal very easy this way because you have an added benefit. On your website you can collect e-mail address and build a list of subscribers that will be your lifelong customers and the customers will come back and buy from you time and time again. On eBay it’s a bit harder to collect e-mail addresses and grow a list of customers.

It’s quit easy to set up your own information publishing business. Simply put you need a niche market to sell to. And the people within the niche market need to be hunger for the information you’re going to be providing them. Just as an example a good little niche market is “dog training” The people that search for this information have a problem that need’s to be sorted out fast. It could be that there puppy won’t stop barking or need’s potty training.

I hope you can start to see how to make money using PayPal now. Once you have your niche market you now need a product to sell to people that are searching for “dog training” you can get free products to sell from the public domain or get resell rights from other people within your niche.

Most people get stuck at this stage because you now need a small website to sell your product. Most people get stuck at this stage because they have no clue how to build a website. But it’s not that hard and you don’t need to know any fancy HTML. You can get free videos that show you step buy step how to put a small website together.

The next step would be to market your website and start collecting e-mail addresses and payments for your product. Simply put this is how you make money using PayPal. I cannot go through everything here so I have put together a website you can take a look at below.



Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies: Marketing To Women Online

Women in the U.S. are flocking to social networking sites, and they have become the break-through power consumer of our time. Women who are using on-line social networking sites are growing at an astronomical rate, so whether you are a large company with a product for women, or an on-line marketer hoping to attract women to your site, the following statistics should interest you!

In 2008, 58% percent of U.S women had a profile on at least one social media site. According to a study by SheSpeaks Second Annual Media, that figure is now 86%. That is a dramatic increase of 48% in only two years.

RetailerDaily states that a staggering 73% of these women log on to their social media accounts at least once daily, up from 53% only two years ago.

There is a reason that all these statistics exist:

Women make 87% of purchases, both in the home and in business settings.

That’s a lot of consumer buying power and retailers know this. Approximately 50% of the women polled say they purchased a particular product because of information found on social media network sites like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. Facebook is far surpassing MySpace as the premier social network site, with an impressive 95% of active female profiles. MySpace has fallen off significantly with only 42%, which is down from 63% in 2008. Twitter is quickly gaining shares, but is still only at 38%.

It is clear to retailers and marketing  SheSpeaks firms alike, that on-line social media advertising is where the money is. Large companies such as Estee Lauder, Proctor and Gamble, Leapfrog Interactive, Kimberly Clark,1-800-flowers-there are literally too many too list-are successfully targeting women on-line, and understand that this form of advertising is the new wave of the future. Over half of the women polled feel as though social networking sites will actually become a “serious threat” to the continued success of search engine companies like Yahoo and Google. While this may or may not be come to fruition, FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace have certainly become the dominating sites on-line in the past couple of years.

If you are an on-line marketer, it is imperative that you find a way to access this female consumer traffic. Your success lies into your ability to tap into this growing market. You must be able to make the transition from old-fashioned marketing to the new “updated version.” Are your current skills enough to make you a viable competitor?


Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies: Marketing To Women Online


Internet Radio – Meaning, Benefits and Reasons For Its Popularity

Given the manner in which the internet and the World Wide Web have invaded our lives over the past many years, it is hardly surprising that music or rather the radio would be one of the areas being dominated by the internet. Internet radio has, over the past few years since its inception, become very popular, especially amongst those who are constantly working and need to relax while on the job. Similar to the traditional radio, online radio delivers the same kind of music and other shows, albeit over the web. Additionally, what is interesting is the development of internet talk radio, which allows you to listen to various popular chat shows online.

Since its inception in 1891, the radio has been a popular tool of communication with streamlining online radio being introduced sometime in the year 1993 by Carl Malamud. This new invention has been a boon to many people across the world, especially those who love to listen to music from all over the world. With internet radio, not only can you listen to good music or chat shows but can do so from any part of the world. In other words, if you are in England, you can still listen to popular US radio shows online with the help of internet radio. Moreover, if talk shows interest you then you can also listen to your favorite talk shows online through the internet talk radio. Incidentally, Carl Malamud’s first transmission was a live talk show, which was initially available only to local listeners but with the help of the internet radio was transmitted globally, which incidentally started the entire arena of talk radio stations online.

Given the fact that the software for listening to online radio is easily available, sometimes even free of cost, most teenagers as well as adults download it to listen to their favorite music while at work or at leisure. A study revealed that nearly 15% of teenagers as well as adults were regular listeners of online radio, often proclaiming it to be their favorite past time or stress buster. Additionally given the fact that there are many radio stations available online, chances of getting bored are next to minimum and therefore they have become very popular among the youth of today.

All things have their advantages and disadvantages, so also internet radio. Setting up an online radio station is very easy and low cost, which probably is the biggest advantage. Organizing employees, maintenance of radio station as well as layout and other details are very simple and therefore creating a radio station online is a lucrative deal for those who want their own stations. Complete autonomy of the person setting up such an internet radio station ensures that you have the final say in matters related to the kind of music you play, the chat shows and all the other   -Radio small aspects that are important while running an online radio station. What you want to discuss and how you discuss various issues is left to you, which again is an advantage especially if you are creating an online talk radio station. Lastly, people can listen to whatever they want, whenever they want and if they miss something then they can streamline it later.

All good things come with their disadvantages and the biggest disadvantage or drawback of an online radio station is that you need a computer and internet connection, if you want to listen to such music or chat shows. In other words, without a good internet connection and proper computer and software, you will not be able to listen to such online radio stations. Secondly, the amount of bandwidth used by internet radio is huge, which could affect the speed of other activities that you indulge in online. However, if you have a good computer and high speed internet connection, then you need not worry about these two aspects and can enjoy the benefits of listening to an online talk radio or internet radio.

Radio is not only for good music but also for good and stimulating conversation and if you are on the lookout for one, then you should definitely try and tune into an internet talk radio, where chat shows dominate. Internet talk radio is very similar to the traditional one, where there is a host who interviews another and there is audience participation, the only difference being that the internet talk radio is transmitted via the internet and can be accessed globally.

Lastly, advertising through such radio stations brings about a great amount of revenue as the internet radio is one of the best advertising solutions for all. People can use audio as well as video advertisements to showcase their company, products or services over a talk show or music transmitted via the online radio. The best part of these advertisements is that most talk radio stations allow you to customize your ads such that they increase your visibility and profitability.


What Is Your Earning Potential Based on Your Education Level?

There are a ton of financial stresses looming in our daily life – mortgages, credit cards, student loans, car payments, insurance premiums, rising costs of gas just to get to work in the first place. Ask your average American and they are very concerned with taking measured to alleviate undue financial burdens. Higher education has been praised as the ticket to achieving the American Dream, but exactly how much financial freedom do college degrees buy?

Earning Potential Based on Education

What does taking your education to the next level mean to you in terms of securing financial freedom? According to the United States Department of Labor Statistics, higher education pays off in higher weekly earnings and lower rates of unemployment. As of 2010, the national average of weekly earnings is at $782. College graduates with bachelors degrees earn above the national average at $1,038 per week, a figure that is nearly $300 more than high school diploma recipients. Graduate degree recipients rank even higher as far as weekly earning potential – with doctorate degrees and professional degrees, such as MBAs, JDs, and MDs pulling in  EarnWithSocial over twice the national average.

Stats for Young Professionals

Even coming straight out of college, young professionals between the ages of 25-34 stand to earn an exponential amount more in earnings due to their education. According the figures collected by the United States Census Buerau, the average young professional with a masters degree can expect to earn an average of $55,000, professional degree holders earn an average of $79,000, and doctoral degree graduates earn the most – with an average of $83,000 per year.

Lifetime Earning Potential

Lifetime earning potential tells an even more drastic story on how life changing a graduate education can be. Figures quoted in the U.S. Census’s report on The Big Payoff: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings are a bit dated (2002) but take a look at these apples:

High school graduates = $1.2 million earned over a lifetime
Bachelors degree = $2.1 million earned over a lifetime
Masters degree = $2.5 million earned over a lifetime
Doctorate degrees = $3.4 million earned over a lifetime
Professional degrees = $4.4 million earned over a lifetime
Over a lifetime, professional degree holders earn nearly four times as much as the average high school graduate. For bachelor’s degree holders, even going back to receive a graduate degree can dramatically increase your lifetime earnings. Compared to bachelors degree recipients, professional degree holders earn about twice as much across their careers.



How To Choose The Perfect Retail Location And Make It Profitable!

Choose The Right, Retail Real Estate Location! Family Expenditures – And How They Can Guarantee Success!

Location, Location, Location – we’ve all heard that catchphrase! Choosing a great location is of the utmost importance…the correct location is one of the most important factors in a successful retail business.

Family expenditures will greatly increase your chances of selecting the correct area and location for your business. Whether you are starting a new business or increasing the number of stores in your multi-unit retail business, the benefit of evaluating the immediate area through family expenditures is immeasurable.

Firstly, we need to establish an understanding of our product or services, then pick a couple categories which our product/service falls into. Any demographic profiling consultant firm can give you a list of the different categories of products or services which they track or have in their profiling databases.

Secondly, we need to establish a radius or catchment area, which we believe we can draw clients from. For a typical small to medium retailer the catchment/trade area , is typically approximately 3KM surrounding your potential or existing location. When we have finalized our product category or service category and our catchment or trade area we can move to the next stage.

Let’s assume our product is widgets, the category we fit into on the database with our local demographic profiling consulting firm, is general widgets. We have also concluded we can pull customers from up to 3Km’s away; therefore we will use a 1KM and a 3Km radius circle around our potential or existing location; as the parameters for our study. We then produce a map and a list of variables, showing our potential or existing location; firstly the map can show, traffic counts, traffic generators, daytime populations etc, which will help us evaluate the immediate trade area. As well secondly, we produce a list of variables which includes; family expenditures on general widgets. Along with the previous information which also needs to be examined, let’s go into a little more detail on the family expenditures.

The data will show us…how much money is spent within a 1KM radius and a 3Km radius on general widgets within a year period. The data will also show us how much money is spent per household on general widgets within a year period. Now we have some hard data on dollars spent and can begin to establish a sales prediction model. Let’s assume $10,000,000 is spent on widgets within a 1Km radius of our potential location within a 12 month period…we want as much of those dollars as possible for our new potential retail location. A good first step would now be to check out the competition in the immediate 1Km radius and compare their widgets to the widgets you intend to sell. Also the competitions- service, quality of widgets and the look and feel of their stores. Some of the elements we could look also evaluate are the competitions, price point, quality of widget, quality of packaging, merchandising, location, convenience, store hours, store build-out, return policy, delivery service…these are just a few tips, there are many different variables you can incorporate in your comparison.

The next step is to chart the results and compare your location or potential location to the competition. This study and comparison can become very lengthy and detailed or quite simple depending on your needs.Through the evaluation of our chart we can now make a determination of the percentage of sales we can expect from the $10,000,000 of sales  3km  of widgets in the 1KM radius. We can then, follow the same procedure for the 3KM radius, if needed. This greatly helps us determine our sales at our new potential location. Which can also help us determine how much rent we can pay, how much staff we can hire, how much stock to order etc. and be profitable. As well, if we are studying an existing location we can set targets for sales based on the numbers we concluded from our study. We can also see which aspects of our existing location are inferior to the competition and resolve those deficiencies, and hopefully surpass the competition on same.

Evaluating family expenditures will greatly enhance our chances of choosing the right real estate location for a retail business. As well, continuing to work with and evaluate family expenditures as they come available year by year, will also greatly enhance our chances of a healthy, successful and profitable ongoing business!!

Family expenditures can do so much more than you ever realized! Want to ensure your success and outsmart the competition? Choose to investigate the world of evaluating family expenditures and open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities!

Jeff Parissi is CEO of Corporate Geographics a leader in geographic consumer profiling , site location analysis and target marketing strategies for Blue Chip Global Retailers as well as Independant Speciality Boutiques. Corporate Geographics is a full service retail consulting solution. Jeff is also an accomplished and well respected commercial real estate broker and owner of RAM real estate . Jeff combines both disciplines in order to offer his clientele a well rounded solution from concept through to execution. Jeff is also a highly successful entrepreuner running a wide variety of business throughout North America, this hands on experience enables Jeff to intimately understand the needs of the smallest business owner to global multinationals.


Five Great Ways To Land Your First Job In TV News!

It’s more challenging than a one-on-one with the President, and you’ll lose more sleep over it than you will before your first network live shot. Landing that first TV job. It’s kind of like landing the space shuttle: experts make it look easy, but deep down you know it’s not. Getting that first job is far and away the most difficult task you’ll face in the TV news business. Let’s face it: it’s not easy, it’s not fun, and it’s not supposed to be this difficult! After all, in Up Close & Personal, Michelle Pfeiffer got her first on-air job in big-city Miami right? So why shouldn’t you at least be able to get a job in small-town Wyoming? The answer is “Yes!” Here are five tools of the trade for getting your microphone in the door of TV news departments without having to sell your soul to get on air:

1. Know the market size for your talent and experience. If you’re just out of college with a few years of university TV experience, you need not apply to NBC or CNN. You need to find a TV newsroom for y-o-u. I meet a great many college graduates who say, “I’d like to start in Cleveland or Detroit or maybe even Pittsburgh.” Few if any of them ever research those stations to gauge the years of experience in the on-air folks or even to see if the stations in those markets are hiring. More important, they don’t compare their own on-air work with the daily news stories they see on the station’s websites. If you’re 22 applying to a newsroom consumed by reporters in their 30’s with 10+ years experience, all you’re really doing is giving that station a blank tape to use for their blooper reels. If you’re trying to get a job without a college degree, which a great many on-air folks have mastered, you need to realistic about your job possibilities. Can you write effectively? Are you comfortable in front of a camera? Do you really think you can earn a living in this business? If yes, then make a demo on your home VHS and give it a whirl.

2. Broaden the skills you bring to the newsroom. If you’d really like to be an entertainment reporter for E!, that’s great, but as you apply for your first job, you need to be multi-talented. Learn to shoot, edit, and write for behind the scenes and you’ll stand a better chance of getting a j-o-b. A great many young reporter-want to-bees make the mistake limiting their skills to their specific area of interest. TV newsrooms are about using people in multiple rolls. If you like to report on news events but you can do sports and even weather too in a pinch, you’re more valuable to a small station looking to give you that first job. Once you’re in the door, you can target the job you truly desire. Remember, even David Letterman was once a weatherman.

3. Stay in touch with your internship contacts. Internships are not only great opportunities to learn the business, but they’re also your best early contacts in your career. A great many interns say goodbye to the newsroom staffers they met during  Newsrooms. their semester of training and never touch base again. Who else can give you better guidance on getting a real job in the business than those who’ve done it? This is not to say that they can get you a job at their station, but so much of this business is based on relationships and who you know. The professionals you met during your internship know people in the TV business. You need to know who they know! I recently found out that one of our former interns here at TV3 got a job at a small station out of state. She left here more than a year ago and this is her first job. While I was happy to see her success, I shook my head that she hadn’t kept in contact with me to tell me she was looking for a job in that city because I know the assistant news director there and I could have smoothed the waters for her there much sooner. You should keep in regular contact with the professionals with whom you developed your best working relationships during your internships. You’ll want to use them as references on your resume anyway, so there’s no reason to surprise them a full year after your internship when you suddenly reappear asking for advice.

4. Be willing to relocate. A great many of the college students I meet in class tell me they’re willing to go anywhere, but I can tell that only a few really mean it. You may have dreams of being a CNN war correspondent or even the top anchor at your local station so you can be the local-boy-who-grew-up-and-made-us-all-proud but the reality is you’ll probably need to develop your skills in a small — make that tiny — market first before you’ll get consideration at a venue that leads to your dream job. Places like Tyler, TX (market 114) or Albany, GA (market 145) or even Dothan, AL (market 179) might not sound intriguing at first, but they may be the best place for you to learn your craft without the pressure of a big market news director breathing down your neck. Ask those in the business about the job where they learned the most and they’ll tell you it was their first job at a small station. For on-air folks, you’ll find out if you can really beat-the-clock and get your stories on the air while also generating creative live shots to go with those stories. While your lead story might not be the sexiest thing you’ve ever heard (think “new sewer line that county leaders are hoping to put through State Route 94”), but the experience will pay big dividends. You’ll probably have to room with one of the other station staffers and maybe work at Kinkos at night to make ends meet. Still, whether your spend six months or a year-plus in a tiny newsroom, the skills you hone will make you more attractive for the next job.

5. Watch, watch, and watch some more. When you’re not searching for a job in TV News, you need to be watching the latest and greatest from you local, national, and cable broadcasts. Watch how the reporters do their live shots. Do they look stiff or loose? Did they use any kind of props that added to the story-telling? Listen to their writing. Record the best stories so you can watch them again and dissect how those reporters put their stories together. Then, take those techniques you’ve picked up and apply them to your own writing. A good audition tape with a bright smile might get you a first interview, but good writing skills will improve your chances of getting a callback.


Advantages of Cloud Computing in Data Access

Currently companies or agencies are already using cloud computing technology. This cloud computing can run programs or applications without having to install them first. You can use other computers on the same server as long as you are connected to the internet network.

When it comes to data access, Cloud Computing has very good speeds. Data stored on servers is safer and easier to access. As an important document, data must be stored securely and neatly. The most appropriate way to store this data is to use the cloud.

Ease of data access is one of the advantages of using Cloud Computing, both for organizations and large companies. However, to choose the best Cloud Computing service, you have to be careful because nowadays many professional hackers may be able to access your personal data.

Economical, Flexible and Effective

Current use of Cloud Computing is less costly for hardware allocation. In a company, computers are connected not only one or two, but can be more than ten computers. Therefore, by using Cloud Computing, the amount of expenditure is charged cheaper without requiring maintenance.

Cloud computing does not require special maintenance or maintenance, because the system inside has been designed in great detail. This will certainly reduce the burden on the existing computer infrastructure in the company. Even though it is economical, Cloud Computing still has fast and easy data access.

The advantage of using Cloud Computing is that it is flexible. When you want to store data, you don’t need to increase the capacity of the number of computers. Cloud computing is capable of storing large capacity data in just a matter of minutes, so it is highly recommended when doing self-provisioning.

Security Level and High Availability

When viewed from the security system, Cloud Computing has good and guaranteed security. All data entered into the computer will be stored in a secure cloud. Cloud computing has received official certificates and ISO standardization when used in various sectors.

In addition, Cloud Computing is also designed with high availability. The system is registered in the data center, so the availability of data and other facilities is guaranteed for 24 hours. Users can store data as desired, and manage data properly on the cloud server.

Through good data security and availability, Cloud Commutation is widely implemented by large companies around the world. K euntungan to Cloud Computing already you felt back then, one of them with their social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

Available in Various Cloud Computing Models

There are several Cloud Computing models that you can choose as you wish. If the use of this technology is only for personal or one organization only, you can use the Private model. This model is very suitable for business needs, because all resources are managed and operated by the organization concerned.

If you want to use Cloud Computing for large companies, you can choose the Community model. This model is usually used by several companies internally or externally, so as to reduce costs. Cloud computing can also be imposed by the joining companies, to make it more efficient and effective.

Next up is the Public Cloud model, which you have been using for a long time. the advantage of using Cloud Computing is that it doesn’t cost anything or it’s free and can be enjoyed by everyone. This Cloud Computing Service can be felt in general, and share information together.

Combination Cloud Computing Model

As a modern technology that is very helpful for humans in various sectors, Cloud Computing also has a sophisticated combination model. Hybrid Cloud is a combination of Private and Public Cloud models. This Combination of Cloud Computing yields greater benefits, both for personal and general needs.

The Cloud Computing Model has two types of interaction services, namely Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C). Both can be used by companies or agencies, especially in providing services to customers. Hybrid Cloud can also be used for multiple computers together with different clouds.

The advantage of using Cloud Computing is that customer service can be faster and easier. in addition, the data stored is also safer and more secure. In business development, Cloud Computing is able to ensure the continuity of your business over time.

Cloud Computing for Education

In addition to the business world, Cloud Computing has penetrated the world of education, including in Indonesia. Educational institutions store student data, starting from identity, to achievement during education. As long as the data is stored in the Cloud system, so that it remains safe and neatly organized.

Cloud Computing also does cek resi  not require special IT personnel, because it does not require maintenance. All data that is backed up and updated can be stored automatically at no additional cost. This technology certainly makes it very easy for agencies to carry out the teaching and learning process, learning management, and access to student data.

The advantage of using Cloud Computing in education can save operational costs. Especially for universities, there are many hardware and software tools that must be purchased. By using Cloud Computing, you don’t need to install many other applications because everything is easily available.

Available in various providers as needed

The processing of computer power with the internet network has great benefits. Computers that are connected to Cloud Computing can be operated at the same time, making it easier for you to run application programs. However, to use the computer must be connected to the internet.

Increasingly high technological developments make Cloud Computing demand increasing. To meet these needs, there are several providers that you can choose from. Make sure the selected provider already has ISO standards and an official certificate that is still valid. Cloud Computing is very useful in various sectors of life. Over time, science and technology continue to change. One of the advantages of using Cloud Computing is ease of data access, level of security, flexibility, scalability and much more.

Cloud Raya provides cloud computing services that have been standardized with ISO 27001. Trust your cloud computing needs with us.


In Digital Marketing Influence and Leadership

Do your part of focus on planning and anticipate to give and receive the best.

Benefits and Limitations
In any task you undertake, always remember the pros and cons. I mean the benefits and Limitations in each of the tasks you have got to do. For example, cash4carz when you are doing online business via Digital Marketing Leadership, the Benefits is the long term investment in your flexibility in your leisure hours and also the financial freedom you will attain with it. Nevertheless, there’s Limitations too, and that is initially for the first few years just like developing your own business offline, you must undergo a huge discipline, determination and persistence until you see the fruits. Just take an example of a tender coconut seed. In order for the coconut to yield the fruit and give plenty of coconuts, they must be germinated methodically, fenced from harm or damage done by animals, then needs to be watered for 5 consecutive years. It’s only in the fifth years of watering the coconut plant that has now become a small tree starts yielding the fruits and now it starts yielding plenty of them every three months. Therefore, foresee the Benefits of Financial Freedom and the hardships to be undergone in Digital Marketing Leadership by honing one skill at a time. Here, Patience, Determination and Discipline is a Virtue.

We Rather than I
Always remember “Teamwork is Dream work”. Always get the attitude right i.e. it should always be “We” rather than “I”. Getting this right is so important. I cannot emphasize the importance of you reading “17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork” by Dr. John C Maxwell.

Failure is the part of the Game
Failures are the stepping stone to success. The lessons we learn when we fail cannot be learnt otherwise. In fact to be success, failure is a part of it and inevitable. Thomas Alva Edison failed 9999 times before he invented the electric bulb. The lessons he learnt was simple: Thomas Edison learnt 9,999 ways he should not do to achieve his targeted vision. I recommend you reading the book “Failing Forward” by Dr. John C Maxwell as he has given umpteen examples on different great and popular personalities failed before they achieved total success.

Show an Insight of your life
Digital Marketing Leadership is hard and I cannot under emphasize the reasons why I assert this statement. Besides, keeping learning the latest upcoming Social Media working and procedures to implement, the different plugins and different apps that come up to make our life easier, there’s something I must admit i.e. Digital Marketing journey is a struggle because it’s so impersonal and it’s very difficult for people to Buy In to your ideas unless and until you express your Insights of your life with a finesse and a personal touch. You must treat your customers with same due respect, subtle care and warmth though professionally just as you would treat your guest. Therefore, it’s so important to take a friendly approach and show an Insight of your own life yet maintain professionalism.

Avoid Negative People like the Plague
An Optimist see the cup half-full and a pessimist see the cup half-empty. Therefore, it’s so important to avoid the negative naysayers who will try so hard to convinces and give you hundreds of reasons why it cannot be done. This negative attitude spreads like plague or a pandemic. So, first and foremost, avoid the Negative people and the ignorant ones who try to convince like the plague.

Don’t be a Show Off
Humble down and humble yourself. Just like any offline business, it’s going to take your dedication, time, investment and the most important of all your genuine efforts. Therefore, humble yourself and never Be a Show Off.

Become Obsessed
Become so obsessed with your Life Vision and Success and do write them down in your Life Vision Journal Book. Just be Monomaniacal focused on the goals by building a routine and daily rituals.

Become Transparent
In Digital Marketing Influence and Leadership, it’s so important that you become transparent yet maintain the professionalism. Do not pretend to be perfect. Accept the Imperfection because we are humans at the end of the day and going through the same struggles and putting in efforts sometimes and not yielding the results we choose to. Therefore, become transparent professionally.

The Power of Story
Revealing your secrets to success in your earlier successes or failures by having the ability to reveal the truth and hardship with the power of your own story is so important. Since computer and informational technology is so impersonal, we must touch people’s heart and that can be done only by the ability of telling your past story connected to the leadership tips you are offering. This helps to build authenticity and trust with your customers.

Advertising Works
The investment, efforts and time spent on advertising in different social media and the ability to learn the skills how to go about to expose yourself to more and more customers really works. In Short Adversity Works.

A Journey in Social Proof
When it comes to Social Proof, play the turtle game. Let your Social Proof such as in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter grow and develop slow and steady just like a turtle. At the end of the day for a long term success, authenticity matters the most.