Recycle Plastic – How to Recycle Plastic Waste

Recycled plastic made products have become an important issue for municipal authorities and state government in the country. Discarded plastic waste is nick named as “white pollution”. What makes this material dangerous waste product is its ability to break into toxic bits and then contaminate soil and water thus entering back into the food chain.

Under plastic recycling process, waste product is recovered by chemical process designed to recover scrap and turn them into useful plastic products. These days’ modern recycling plants recover waste plastic from water bottles or plastic containers and then turn them into useful products, which is used into making chair, tables, and recycled plastic toys. Under recycling process discarded plastic is categorized into “Resin Identification Code”. This is a method designed to identify material correctly for its polymer type. This method was invented by “Society of Plastic” in the year 1988. Ever since this method is used to separate different types of plastic for better recycling output.

Every year billions of waste material enters into our sewage and water stream system. The cost to clean up sewage and blockages caused by these wastes are high. Another impact of “white pollution” is adverse affect on human population. Many countries especially in western world were environment guidelines for recycling are strict governments are off-shoring plastic waste to third word countries. Of-shoring recycling facilities are cheaper to recycle plastic or other waste. This approach is becoming popular in rich countries. One it is cheaper and second the laws in third world countries are less strict. Recycling plastic also creates air pollution and it has potential to degrade the soil and water.

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