5 Ways to Learn the Best Scrabble Words

To become proficient at Scrabble or online games like Words with Friends, it’s sometimes necessary to go outside your comfort zone and expand your vocabulary. This article delves into a few ideas you can use improve your vocabulary, and subsequently your use of Scrabble words.

Flash Cards: One simple way to improve your lexicon is to build flash cards with the common two and three letter scrabble words. See how many you can memorize, and test yourself by including some non-existent combinations of letters in the mix. Once you can identify the nonsense words from the rest you’ll also be able to call any opponents who are trying to sneak a fake word into the game.

Reading: The best possible way to pick up a larger vocabulary is to read more, and to vary the sources of your reading as much as possible. Pick some books that you enjoy and expand into different genres. For example, older mystery books by authors such as Agatha Christie use older words which have fallen out of fashion, but which are still valid for playing word games. Surprise an opponent with a word pulled out from early in the last century! There’s nothing quite like the look on someone’s face when they’re confronted with an amazing word.

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