Starters Direct so that you can Turning Buildings

Starters Direct so that you can Turning Buildings

Turning buildings has started to become significant business enterprise on the earth with investment. The fact is that it’s going to take an array of ‘flippers’ in making the modern world bypass plus some will not be pretty much when careful when some. If perhaps you’re going to start the work with turning buildings plus really want to have a lifestyle, plus construct a fine track record, to get developing level of quality success you must find to some points in the approach.
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1) Conduct just what exactly is required to be executed. Really don’t trim factors plus make cases that should decide to put a family this products the home around very own and also economical probability. You should generate a harmless dwelling for any relatives and also person who inevitably would make a pay for. You are unable to make this happen by using cutting corners plus working with poor design.
2) Keep away from spending cash will not has to be wasted. By way of the following Get real really don’t spend some money building extra deliver the results. Most people repeat this by way of coming to a decision so that you can correct innovations, copy outside outer surface, and also switching floors blueprints. These kind of variations will be most effective kept to your client except in cases where they should a lot help worth you may pull in to the dwelling. Often shell out the majority of money around bathrooms plus bathing when they can be most commonly known to get developing more substantial sales.
3) If perhaps them isn’t split really don’t remedy a repair. There’s a simple number of knowledge in such a age-old announcing. You cannot find any rationale to move around plus mend an element that would not has to be resolved except in cases where completing this task is going to help cost of the property so that you can it has the prospective buyers.
4) Continually deliver the results with a spending plan. The majority placed your spending plan if preparing to make use of buildings nonetheless almost no do deliver the results in just this spending plan. It is a variance to create the gains you actually estimated plus having all the job at stake.
5) Generate a dwelling the fact that client need to are now living never your property this it is advisable to are now living. Never make use of a building and also style and design your make use of reported by a person’s choices; this is the recipe ingredients to get mishaps around extra tactics as compared with a person. First off, its unexpected this prospective buyers will manage to pay for them. Secondly, them places you actually right up to get harmed reactions in case your possibilities client rejects every compact points. Lastly, them normally elevates the amount it’s essential to look for the house and property so that they can insure a higher expenditures with re-decorating plus making reported by a person’s flavour. As a final point, them normally triggers avoidable fees, which will beats the reason for an easy make use of method of job.
6) Time frame is definitely capital. Try to remember the following in any elements. Better time frame it’s going to take to undertake a make use of better capital it may fee as well as less overall you’re going to generate. System compact variations that are fitted with an important affect plus can be performed immediately to achieve the a lot of away from your make use of.
7) Under no circumstances look at your a bottle of wine make use of except in cases where you will have a a bottle of wine spending plan so that you can backside them right up. Equally as turning previously this marketplace is undoubtedly an rash switch its likewise rash so that you can make use of a house within a person’s target audience in addition. Never make an attempt to make use of a building inside an enhanced location individuals cope with a enhanced establishing resources plus equipment which is wanted to make them triumph.

When all these will not be makes certain to get being successful they can be sturdy information that should lower a threats you actually facial area if turning homes.




Attention Retirees: Beware Of The Current Inflation Rate

Attention Retirees: Beware Of The Current Inflation Rate

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For your parents’ and grandparents’ generation, retirement investing guidelines consisted mainly of preserving their asset Back then, such advice made perfect sense, because retirement represented a shorter period of a person’s life. The new retirees not only live longer, but have to contend with the current inflation rate. Our economy is based on global performance. The world is smaller and anything that occurs across the globe reaches our shores.

Big industries are no …

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For your parents’ and grandparents’ generation, retirement investing guidelines consisted mainly of preserving their assets. Back then, such advice made perfect sense, because retirement represented a shorter period of a person’s life. The new retirees not only live longer, but have to contend with the current inflation rate. Our economy is based on global performance. The world is smaller and anything that occurs across the globe reaches our shores.

Big industries are no longer dependent on only what is happening in America. What happens across the sea does not stay there; it makes its way here. Our economy is much more sensitive to world events. Oil, gas, and raw material prices are increasingly affecting the product cost and the price to bring it to market.

Today retirement requires a whole new way of thinking. For the first time in history the economy depends on the countries of the world for cooperation and stability. As past generations had to rely on the U.S, economy for the relative safety of their investments, this generation has to make sense of changes in the world market. The domino effect now is dependent on a world economy. That means watching the European, Asian, and Middle East regions for possible upheaval. Remember, all that happens in these parts of the world will affect the current inflation rate.

A new millennium has new rules to live and invest by. The bar has been raised on fund management. The social, demographic, and economic trends provide for multinational companies. The risk today is the political turmoil and global upheaval in a world connected by technology. With home prices slumping and fuel prices climbing the people affected the most are those on fixed income.

The choices proliferate for those that wish to invest in managed funds. There are long term investments, mid-term, and short terms. Retirees usually need financial advisors to help redistribute their portfolios. This especially true if you do not have the knowledge to shift though all the choices, it can be too daunting a task.

Risk management takes on a whole new meaning for retirees in today’s world. Long-Term care can drain you of more than your rainy day funds. The aging population and inadequate health care is making this a burning issue that must be considered when having someone review your portfolio. So between Annuities, Funds, Bonds, CD’s, and saving, you need some one with the knowledge to direct you and guide you in choosing solutions that may generate enough income though your retirement. There are many long term care policies available today that can be a great benefit.

The average time to regain your investment in a care facility is just seventy seven days. This make getting one of these policies very attractive.

Chart a solid strategy with a financial advisor. This approach stands head-and-shoulders above going it alone in the world of finance. The technical analysis that is provided has the long term solutions that an investor needs. It is time to take stock of your retirement and discuss the options that will empower you. Familiarize yourself with Keiber Retirement Solutions, Inc.


Is TVI Express the Real Deal?

Now in its 10th month, TVI Express or Travel Ventures International is a discount travel members club dedicated to providing their members with the highest quality vacation values and travel benefits on the market today…at rock-bottom prices.

TVI Express works with thousands of resorts and leaders in the field of travel and leisure to consistently provide the best vacation and travel values in the industry.

The many company sponsors’ like Virgin Airways and Marriott Hotels, provide the benefits and services offered in their packages that are of the highest caliber. They possess a proven track record of quality, customer service satisfaction, and industry credibility. Most are publicly traded companies, licensed and bonded, with a track record of many years of successful business. TVI Express has great deals on over 55,000 hotels worldwide.

TVI Express Memberships are good for a LIFETIME-thanks to their direct-to-consumer marketing business model, its members enjoy thousands of dollars of the best value and savings NOW…and 40 YEARS from now!

“100% of people surveyed said they would rather pay wholesale than retail.”

With a lifetime membership to TVI Express, Its members will never pay retail again!

The TVI Express Home Business Opportunity

TVI Express also offers a very unique business opportunity. With a fantastic product in an Industry which is growing by a Trillion dollars every year you can see why it has attracted well over 400,000 new associates in its first 10 months and gathered associates in over 50 countries-whatever your personal goals may be-TVI Express has the outline to help you achieve them using the benefits and services of the TVI Express Travel Membership.

For as little as $250, and no ongoing fees ever! you can enjoy a lifetime membership to TVI and an opportunity to make a very good Income. In many cases people are making in excess of $10.000 in their first 4 weeks.

This is because of the companies compensation plan structure. All new members make their way to the top of the compensation plan through a 2×2 forced matrix system consisting of 2 revolving boards. This sound complicated but is extremely easy for everyone with any amount of experience to understand. This system enables you to earn $10,000 plus a $5,000 travel voucher over and over again as often as 2 to 4 times a month, it ensures your success and helps you to capitalize on the efforts of all team members present in the boards.

The first board is called the traveler board and consists of 4 levels. When the board fills up, the Level 4 position moves to the Express Board and earns a startup bonus of $250 and a free membership voucher. This often happens within the first 2 – 8 days meaning your investment is paid back almost immediately. You then proceed to the Express board, which works the same as the Traveler board. When the board fills up, the level 4 position has $10,000 is credited to their Online Wallet instantly; plus a $5,000 Travel Voucher. Part of the reason for this company’s dynamic growth is because this is very often achievable within your first 4 weeks. As an added bonus You are also reentered into the Express Board allowing you to be paid multiple times on your investment.

One major bonus TVI Express has over other business opportunities out there is the fact that you only need to introduce 2 people to the company to qualify for the commissions. Just 2, not 10,100,1000, not even 5, Just 2. Once you have your 2 you are “Qualified”, your job then becomes one of a mentor and a coach, helping others find their 2 and so on. This is relatively easy for almost anyone as once you have your 2 people you then have the 3 of you looking for 4 then 7 people looking for 8.

TVI Express is a team business. You are not alone, you join a team and you make your income as a team. If you aren’t successful, the person or team who brought you into the company will not be successful. Consequently, it is in the best interest of others on your team to help you enroll new associates and help you build your business. also with the revolving matrix system there isn’t one person sat at the top making all the money.

TVI express also rewards its members with really quite fantastic Incentives from Residual income to lap-top computers, European Trips plus luxury cars and for its Presidential Associates (The highest level in the Company) a Vacation Villa.

How Is It Possible For TVI Express To Pay Its Associates So Well and Offer Such Amazing Incentives?

Well, each of TVI Express’s 400,000 plus associates have their very own travel websites. The associates use their TVI Express travel websites to buy trips, cruises, hotel accommodations and to rent cars. As these associates make these purchases through their TVI websites, the provider companies{Marriott, Virgin, Avis etc) pay booking commissions to TVI Express. These commissions that are paid to TVI Express can very easily amount to millions of dollars a week only to keep growing as the company amounts new associates. This is how TVI Express is able to pay its members such large commissions as well as offer incentives that no other companies offer today.


Developing New Business Skills – The Key to Survival in the New Economy

Have you developed a new skill that can bring life changing transformation to you and others that you come in contact with? Most of us, after acquiring a income producing business skills, trend towards becoming somewhat relaxed in our profession or business as we apply what was previously learned to produce an income to support our selves and our families.

I make enough to get by so I’m content is the mind set.

This type of relaxation can have devastating effects as markets both local and global travel through their growth and correction cycles. When markets correct, which is a downward trend in a economic cycle, or as in the recent housing market, a complete out right collapse, jobs are lost, businesses are closed and services are terminated.

Oh Crap! What Know? If this is the response rendered and possibly the only immediate solution to this new found debacle of no income, chances are you are one of the millions that haven’t developed new business skills on an on going bases when the markets were flourishing. You know the old cliche, and it will always hold true, “what goes up must come down.” Make sure that when the market drops, and positions are terminated you have developed a new set of skills that will move you forward instead of teetering on the edge of financial disaster.

Its never to late to start learning but waiting for financial disaster to strike before taking action might not be the best philosophy. It is however, if it is any consolation, the road that most choose to travel.

The solution. Don’t wallow in self pity and don’t put blame on others. It is your problem, you made the choices that got you where you are at right now. You and you alone have to take full responsibility. The future is yours and the only thing to do now is pick yourself up, dust off your pants and get busy creating your new future. In times of adversity great personal growth occurs and with this personal growth a new you will emerge that will be stronger and more confident then before. Its get busy time.

An idea to consider. When searching out opportunities to develop new skills, it would be wise to choose a some what different business field or industry to acquire new knowledge and growth. I had a friend that was a builder and when the market started turning south and houses weren’t selling he decided to get his real estate license. This didn’t prove to be a good move for his immediate financial future. Choose your new skill wisely.

Developing multiple skills will make us more valuable in the market place, more value equals more money, so we should all exercise daily habits of learning new income producing activities. Being versatile in different areas of expertise will keep the money flowing in the right direction, into our bank accounts, when market conditions shift.


Loverboy Keeps it Rocking

Loverboy is a Canadian rock group that formed in 1980 in Calgary, Alberta. Throughout the 1980s, Loverboy became one the best-selling rock bands in North America, rolling out numerous hit songs in both Canada and the United States. It produced four multi-platinum albums and sold millions of records. Loverboy was at first rejected by many U.S. labels before finally signing on with Columbia Records Canada, thereupon recording their first album on March 20, 1980 with lead vocalist Mike Reno, Paul Dean as guitarist, Scott Smith as bassist, Doug Johnson on keyboards, and Matt Frenette on drums. Loverboy’s hit singles, such as “Turn Me Loose,” and “Working for the Weekend,” are now part of the rock canon, and can still be heard on many classic rock radio stations across the United States and Canada.

Loverboy was born out of  SpotlightMagazine. ordinary circumstances. It all got its start in Calgary when Mike Reeno (formerly of the band Moxy) was introduced to Paul Dean (formerly of the band Streetheart) at the Refinery Night Club. Dean was rehearsing a new band in a warehouse with a friend of Reno’s, and Mike had stopped by to jam. Reno and dean wrote songs together over the next several weeks on guitar and drums. At the same time, Doug Johnson,working with another band at the time, joined in, and Loverboy was born.

To help meet Canadian content laws, Loverboy signed on with Columbia Records Canada. On March 20, 1980, Loverboy went into thee studio with producer Bruce Fairbairn and engineer Bob Rock and recorded their first self-titled album.

An enormous hit over that summer, Loverboy sold over 700,000 records in Canada alone. Obviously realizing that Loverboy had something going on, Columbia Records of the United States decided to sign the band for a release in the U.S. Loverboy’s album made its American debut in November 1980 and went on to sell two million copies. Massive touring followed that year, with Loverboy putting on over 200 shows with bands such as Cheap Trick, ZZ Top, Kansas, and Def Leppard.

“Get Lucky,” Loverboy’s follow-up album was released that year, perfectly timed when the band was opening for Journey, containing the hit tracks “Working for the Weekend” and “When It’s Over.” This was Loverboy’s best selling album in the U.S., hitting the #7 slot on the Billboard album charts and selling over four million copies. The luck kept up that year again, with Loverboy receiving five Juno Awards, Canada’s highest award in music, in one year; this record still stands today. Loverboy would go on to receive three more Junos, raising the total to eight, the most received by a single group or individual.

Since those early triumphs, Loverboy has made other conquests. In 1984, Loverboy recorded the United States Team theme for the Olympics, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop You Now.” “Lovin’ Every Minute of It,” Loverboy’s fourth album, was released in 1985, with its title single “This Could Be The Night,” becoming their first U.S. Billboard top 10 hit.

Loverboy had one breakup in 1988 due to the departure of Doug Johnson and creative differences between Dean and Reno. The group briefly reunited in 1989 to promote the band itself (with Valentino Dominelli on keyboards in Johnson’s place), but broke up again at the tour’s end. Loverboy reunited again in 1991.

2005, Loverboy celebrated 25 years together, and began to perform in selected cities to commemorate this milestone.

In 2006, twenty-five years after its release, “Get Lucky” was remastered and re-released with several previously unreleased songs, including the original demo of “Working for the Weekend.”


12 Tips For Implementing Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

The Microsoft Office Project Server EPM (Enterprise Project Management) Solution provides organisations with the potential to communicate timely, relevant and up to date project information to users across all hierarchical levels, from Team Members at the base of the organization to Executives at the very top.

In addition to this facility, it also invests the organization with the ability to report and analyse project and resource performance by innumerable criteria making project plans a powerful means to report key business critical information. This potential can be both a blessing and a curse to the project managers within an organization.

On the positive side the projects function is likely to acquire a higher profile through the increased visibility of their projects within the organization, on the negative side they will be more accountable and open to scrutiny than before.

Whilst the Microsoft Office Project Server EPM Solution offers these potential benefits, any organization contemplating its adoption should be aware that it is not an instant fix and that in order for the initiative to take root and deliver the anticipated business benefits its adoption needs to be treated as a project in its own right.

Organizations that have leapt straight in and not invested time in preparing for the adoption of Microsoft Office Project Server have learnt some painful and expensive lessons and in some cases have failed to derive any business benefit at all from their investment in the solution.

To avoid you encountering the same problems should you be considering adopting the Microsoft Office Project Server EPM Solution the following have been identified as crucial Success Factors for an EPM deployment:

1. Develop a multidisciplinary team
2. Actively engage the organisation’s executives
3. Develop a strong business case for the EPM Initiative
4. Allocate sufficient up-front time
5. Develop clear and complete business goals, requirements, and usage scenarios
6. Involve representatives from all user groups
7. Conduct a multi-staged rollout
8. Provide continuous communication
9. Test the installed hardware and software configuration
10. Prepare the users for the deployment
11. Train users at all experience levels -using customised instructions
12. Prepare to monitor the new environment

1. Developing a Multidisciplinary Team

This is important as the EPM Solution relies upon several different Microsoft technologies, Windows Server, SharePoint, SQL and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 itself and it is unlikely that a single individual will be expert in all or have experience of all areas. Microsoft Corporation does recommend that you engage the services of a qualified partner to assist in the implementation of the EPM Solution.

2. Actively Engage the Organisation’s Executives

As the EPM initiative can represent a significant cultural change to the manner in which an organisation functions there needs to be high level support and involvement in the initiative from inception to completion. If team members at the base of the organisation do not see leadership by example there can be resistance to change. If an organisation has in the past introduced flawed or failing initiatives an expectation of further failure can prevail without adequate high level support and involvement.

3. Develop a Strong Business Case for the EPM Initiative

Assess your current situation and identify how the Microsoft Office Project Server EPM Solution can deliver real business benefits that will represent a good return on investment.

4. Allocate Sufficient Up -Front Time

Fail to plan, plan to fail -a bit clichéd but anyone with project experience will tell you that
getting ready is the secret of success. Try to avoid being railroaded in to an implementation
before the groundwork has been done.

5. Develop Clear and Complete Business Goals, Requirements, and Usage Scenarios

Having clear requirements and realistic expectations of the benefits to be derived from the adoption of an EPM Solution should help sell t he initiative to the organisation. If there are no clearly defined requirements and objectives the perceived success of the initiative may be open to interpretation. Taking a leaf out of Stephen R. Covey’s book “start with the end in mind”.


Credit Counseling Debt Management Services – What Debt Management Counseling Is All About

You may have heard about credit counseling debt management services. Wondering what debt management counseling is all about?

Many people today are worried about the amount of debt they are carrying. Some have suffered a job loss or illness, and have had to rely on their credit cards to meet day to day expenses. Others are making minimum payments every month, and worry about the interest on their total balance. If you are one of the many people who are experiencing anxiety, worry and guilt because of debt balances and possible threats to your credit rating, there are options available to help you.

In fact, in the current economic climate, we are all hearing a lot about ways to manage financial problems. Hiring a credit counseling debt management service is one possible option for making a plan to get out of debt. You may have heard of such debt management counseling service, and wondered exactly what it is and how it works.

Credit counseling debt management services offer financial advice from professionals trained in budgets, debt and finance. The plans they offer are based on your overall situation in terms of income and debt. They look at where things stand, assess the facts, and help you make a plan to get your debts  IT Managed Services London under control, sort out your spending, and generally get your finances back on track.

The first step is to select the right credit counseling debt management service. There are a lot of not-so-trustworthy companies that call themselves credit counselors. They may charge high fees or use your personal information for identity theft. Reputable debt management counseling agencies will offer information about their services, or provide it through a website, at no charge. They will answer your questions in a straightforward manner. You should verify that the agency is accredited by a reputable authority, such as the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (AICCCA), the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), or the International Organization for Standards (ISO).

Prepare for your appointment with the debt management counseling service by gathering your records. At your first meeting with the credit counselor, you will need to show what you owe on your credit cards, your car note or any other loans you have outstanding, your rent or mortgage payment, other monthly expenses, and your income. You need to bring in everything that shows what money you have coming in and going out, as well as what financial obligations you have. The credit counselor will review the information you have brought in, and advise you based on that assessment.

Credit counseling debt management services address your overall finances, not just the parts related to outstanding debt. The counselor will help you set up a budget so you can get back in control of your spending, as well as setting up a system for paying off your debts, typically called as the debt repayment plan. This is key because it is important that you find a long-term solution for your credit-related problems.



‘Online Disinhibition’ Brings Out The Trolls

Imagine someone walks up to the grieving daughter of a suicide victim, hands her a doctored photo of her dead parent and tells her she is the reason he killed himself.

Or picture someone walking into the newsroom of The New York Times and handing prints of pornographic, violent images to members of the staff, and predominantly to women.

Such instances are almost hard to visualize, because they so severely violate our social norms. They are repulsive, and anyone who could do it while looking their targets in the eye would fall far outside the spectrum of normal human interaction.

Yet the presence of Internet trolls makes clear that many people who would never perform these actions in person are eager to perform their equivalent once they are safely on the anonymous end of a screen.

Zelda Williams, the late Robin Williams’ daughter, recently left Twitter “for a good long time, maybe forever,” in response to abuse from a pair of users in the wake of her father’s death. (1) The two users were eventually suspended. The Washington Post reports Williams had posted angrily on Tumblr in June, calling out commenters who had directed various slurs her way on social media. While Twitter has a way to report abuse after the fact (as does Tumblr), there is no way to filter hateful speech before it arrives in a user’s notifications.

As for the other example, the staff of Jezebel criticized its parent company, Gawker Media, earlier this month for failing to take swift and effective action to prevent sexually explicit and violent images from flooding the site’s comment section. Jezebel staff had no recourse except to manually dismiss the comments and ban the user – though, since IP addresses weren’t recorded on commenters’ accounts, those responsible could simply start new anonymous accounts and continue their activities. Gawker has since instituted a system that sorts “approved” replies from “pending” replies, warning the reader that pending replies may contain graphic material.

This change is a useful step. I have written before about the value of moderating user comments on news sites and blogs. But trolling – the practice of spewing hateful, offensive or otherwise hurtful material at a given target – is a problem that reaches beyond the comment sections of major news sites.

Whitney Phillips, a lecturer at Humboldt State University who has written a book about bad behavior online, told The New York Times, “As long as the Internet keeps operating according to a click-based economy, trolls will maybe not win, but they will always be present.” (2) Some have suggested that the ability to comment online at all should be restricted or eliminated altogether in some cases; others have countered that such measures may end up silencing real, useful discussions that don’t have equivalent outlets elsewhere. Nor would such a solution have much helped Williams, as Twitter is designed as a means of communication. There is no way to simply shut down the comments there.

While Williams and other victims of trolling can sometimes remove themselves, the Internet is so pervasive today that disengaging can carry a heavy professional, social or even financial cost. As Amanda Hess observed in an article for the Pacific Standard, “for many women, steering clear of the Internet isn’t an option.” When faced with law enforcement who simply suggested she remove herself from Twitter, Hess quotes Nathan Jurgenson, who said, “Telling a woman to shut her laptop is like saying, ‘Eh! Just stop seeing your family.”

Although not all trolling or online bullying springs from anonymity, a great deal of it does. The idea that an anonymous person with an audience will often respond with rude, inappropriate or hostile behavior is borne out on poorly moderated news site comment sections and social media. Massive multiplayer online games, often called MMOs, have garnered a reputation for attracting abuse, especially directed at female players. World of Warcraft’s company, Blizzard, recently decided to force users to post under their real names in an attempt to raise the tone of discourse. Blizzard backtracked when users made clear that privacy concerns made that tactic unpalatable; perhaps ironically, those women who had found anonymity some shield against trolls expressed concern about being forced to reveal their gender.



Not Enough Being Done for High-Achieving Students in US

Millions of dollars in our country are being spent to help low-achieving students in public schools excel. And that’s good. But what can we say about our high-achieving students? How many programs and how much effort do we, as a state, provide to the student that has passed his FCAT? In our country, just how much time is spent by a typical classroom teacher on the needs of the top student performers?

Not much. Fewer than 25 percent of teachers surveyed (Fordham Report, 2008) reported that high-achieving students were their top priority. That means that the majority of academic support is given to low-achieving students the majority of school time. The problem with this focus is that the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)—that notorious organization which ranks school systems among the industrialized countries—doesn’t even list the United States in the top ten. For several years, the U.S. has waffled between a disappointing 14th and 17th place.

More baffling news? The two-part Fordham Report also revealed that the United States produces more high-achieving students than any other OECD country-more than France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined. It also stated that there are more high-achieving African American students in the United States than there are high-achieving students in all of Finland (Finland has always ranked in the top three of the OECD report).

In our effort to advance student achievement scores to higher heights, one cannot help but ponder on whether our resources should not be distributed equally among all students, regardless of their academic standing.

Yes, we have honors and advanced classes, but are they truly rigorous and challenging? Less than 50 percent of teachers surveyed said yes. Are teachers trained to address the needs of gifted students? 67 percent reported no.

The No Child Left Behind legislation was primarily designed to set high standards and establish measurable goals that would improve individual outcomes in education in our country. Standards were set in each state and Florida developed the FCAT in the process of measuring accountability. The pressure, however, has been in pulling the achievement levels of the students at the bottom of the rung. Instructional strategies were put in place to assure that these students reached a Level 3, the passing point. Lots of tax dollars have been spent in this effort.

Imagine for a moment that you are a student who passes FCAT on the first try in the third grade all the way through high school. What is happening in the classroom to spur you on to improve further? Or are you in a class where lessons are being relegated to cover and review material that you already know? With the recent emphasis on pay merit being based on test results, rest assured that most teachers will spend an inordinate amount of time targeting the lower-achieving students.

As the FCAT results come in this year, many people will be holding their breaths in anticipation of seeing how many students met the Level 3. They will breathe a sigh of relief for their students who have made it. In Florida, district and school grades are based on it. A few will bother looking at advances, if any, in the high levels. It will be deemed as a nice accomplishment, but not a crucial one.

Earlier this year, our president announced a new initiative to promote science, technology, mathematics, and engineering in our public schools. While there are those who are fighting for school reform which addresses the needs of the lower-achieving students, many believe that the time has come to meet the president’s challenge and pull those high-achievers up to the next rung.



Four Reasons Why You Need to See the Arab Games Exhibition

Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) is organizing the Arab Games Exhibition, which will open to the public from October 5th – December 23rd, 2011, at the QMA Gallery in Katara. The exhibit coincides with Arab Games Doha 2011 – the 12th version of the Arab Games, which will be held in Qatar from December 9th – 23rd, 2011. In this article, Como we will explain why we think this exhibit will be a success and will attract many visitors.

First, demonstrating a chronological narrative of the Games, the exhibition will feature items from the games, including medals, posters, programs, films and interviews of athletes, photographs, and educational activities that inform visitors about the history of the Games, which first took place in Alexandria, Egypt, back in 1953. This content will be helpful for students as well as journalists interested in the history of Arab sports in general.

Second, the exhibition serves as a unique display which walks visitors through the history of one of the region’s most anticipated sporting and cultural celebrations. The exhibition is divided into five sections, each portraying different periods of the Arab Games since their inception in 1947. The first section showcases the political agenda behind the concept of the Games. This was followed by an era of Egyptian regional leadership. Then, a period of decline affected the consistency of the Games from 1965 to 1985 because of political turmoil in several Arab countries. A re-organization of the Arab Games with a new vision later started to emerge, eventually leading to the transformation of the games into a world-class stage for Arab athletes to perform. Again, this would be interesting for journalists, students and historians as well.

Third, this exhibition sheds light on the participation and achievements of Qatari athletes in past Arab Games, showcasing some of their trophies, medals, and pictures. Alongside the exhibition, a series of educational activities catering to school children from various age groups are also planned during the exhibition period.

Fourth, and with preparations on track at the Arab Games Organizing Committee, Qatar is ready to welcome the rest of the Arab world for a spectacular series of sporting and cultural events that celebrate the shared traditions of all Arab communities. Therefore, the exhibit is designed to educate visitors from Qatar and its Arab neighbors about the history and evolution of the Games.